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  • Basting for those who want to hand quilt $.010 per square inch 

  • For edge to edge (e2e) designs (minimum $50.00) $.02 per square inch 

  • E2E with one border design $.04 per square inch 

  • Additional border design $25.00 each 

  • Custom quilting and design (minimum $75.00) $20.00/hr 

  • Thread charge $5.00 

  • Specialty Thread charge:  $10.00 (Glow in the Dark)


  • Price for 100% Quilters Dream Cotton Select batting:  $12.50/yard

  • Price for 100% washable Quilters Dream Wool batting:  $15.00/yard

Or you can send your own batting with the quilt top and backing. Please read the Quilt Prep section about the sizing that is needed.


Additional charges: 

  • Hanging sleeve $10.00-$20.00 

  • Pressing (if not pressed) $20.00

  • Mending $10.00 

  • Prepare backing $10.00 - $20.00 (king) 

  • Binding (machine stitched to front) $2.00 per foot 

  • Binding machine stitched to front hand sewn on back $4.00 per foot

If choosing the backing option, please send the necessary yardage that includes an overlap of 3-6”. 

If choosing the binding option, please send 1 yard of fabric. 

Please contact me before sending a quilt!  Also, please print out and send an order form along with the quilt. 

The State of NC requires sales tax.  Presently, this rate is 6.75% 

For new online customers a check or money order in the amount of $40.00 is required to start working on the quilt. Payment can be sent via Paypal as well - please contact me and you will be sent an invoice.




Creekside Quilting watermark ALONE (2).j


Please trim all loose threads and press your quilt top. Also, please square up your quilt top. If I must do this, there is a $15.00 charge. 


Please mark the top of the quilt with a pin. Some quilts are obvious, others are not. 

If you provide batting, please make sure that the batting overlaps the quilt top by 3”-6” on all sides. 


The backing also needs to overlap the quilt top by 3”-6” on all sides. If the backing is pieced and seamed, please make sure that the selvage has been removed.n Press (open or to one side is okay), remove threads and square up the backing. 


Please fill out the order form with as much detail as possible. It is important that I understand what it is that you want for your quilt. Please include a phone number and e-mail and how best to reach you. If there is a pattern that you want that we don't have, let us know and we will get it for you if at all possible (no charge). I do charge a $5.00 thread charge for each quilt - $10.00 for specialty thread. This allows me to keep many different colors and kinds of thread on hand. The preference is to use Omni polyester thread, Signature 100% cotton thread, and So Fine 100% polyester thread. Please specify your thread preference, the color preference and any other information that you think is important. 

Creekside Quilting watermark ALONE (2).j

order form

Please email Creekside Quilting the following information so we can get started on your project:








Other contact information (best time to reach you, alternate phone number): 

Size of quilt to be quilted: 

Description and planned use: 

Quilting and design ideas: 

Pattern (let me know if this is something we need to purchase for your quilt): 

Thread preference, color: 

Batting ________yes _________no 

(If no, please provide) 

Binding ________yes __________no 

(Front only include 1 yard fabric) 

Hanging sleeve _______yes ________no 

(Provide extra material for this) 

Prepare backing _________yes ________no 

Deadline – When do you need the quilt back? ____________ 

(Presently, turn around time is 8 weeks, custom 3 months) 

Do you want the quilt shipped to you? __________yes ____________no 

If so, shipping address: 

Do you want to pick up the quilt? ___________yes _____________no 

Any other information about the quilt –  love I'd to hear the quilt’s story: 

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